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It was upon his return from the First World War in 1919 that Jules Desfrièches – who had already earned the nickname of “Père” Jules or “Father” Jules – with a love for his region and its apples, decided to turn his passion into his trade.  Orphaned at a young age, he was raised by his grandparents, who were themselves in love with Normandy and its treasures.  With their help, Jules learned to make cider with the apples from the family farm.  He then started to sell his products locally.  Due to the appreciation for its quality, the “Jules Desfrièches” cider was more and more in demand in restaurants in Normandy.  Then in 1923, Jules distilled Calvados for the first time, without knowing that it was the beginning of an institution.

A family story, a passion first...

In 1949 his son, Léon Desfrièches, joined the family business.  On his arrival, he created the brand “Le Père Jules,” in honor of his father.   The production continued to expand and the market for cider and calvados developed to the point of being sold in some of the best restaurants in France.

The son of Thierry, Guillaume Desfrièches, joined the family business after he finished his studies in oenology in 2002 to become the fourth generation in the affair. Thierry Desfrièches, the grandson of “Père”Jules joined his father in the business in 1976.  With a careful eye on the business and its evolution, the first export sales were started in 1980 in Europe and then later throughout the world.


Since 1919, quality and rigor are the driving forces of four generations of producers that have continued to be faithful to the traditional methods with a love for their work.  Their only wish is to be able to propose the best products.

All of our products are made from apple and pear varieties that are carefully selected from traditional orchards of tall trees in a protected area of controlled production (AOC).

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